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#48935 Adidas Superstar Cheap

Probably the most coveted Shelltoes for hardcore adidas collectors would be the vintage French made pairs. These latest Adidas Superstar Men look like they came straight outta Scotland, and we’re fine with that, because there haven’t been all that many plaid Superstars in the shoe’s nearly forty-five year run. Tartan in Forest green feels seasonally appropriate while the Ray Yellow edition makes you feel warm just looking at it.

Did you miss out on those dookie-roped “Run DMC” adidas from back in 2011? If so you don’t have worry, as adidas is once again mining their rich history with that legendary rap group from Queens. Shown here is the
pair, an Adidas Superstar Women in the requisite black and white that gets a bit of Run DMC branding across the tongue. Further nailing the historical accuracy-the pairs come unlaced (Although there are laces packaged in if you want to go that route).

From OG looks to the fifty-shades of Pharrell’s Supercolor pack, the Adidas Superstar Cheap has seen a little bit of everything already for its year-long celebration by adidas Originals. Now the iconic shelltoe sneaker sees another new version, which seems to borrow a look from some of its suede-constructed brethren like the Campus, featuring a full suede upper. The deluxe construction holds true to the 1980s construction of the Adidas Superstar Sale, complete with flat leather tongue and off-white sole and shelltoe for an authentic old-school look.