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#50093 I'm gonna be a sophomore at UT Austin. I am in the program and I found a way to balance college with MUT. Priorities would be the toughest. I fought with procrastination but in the event that you may study for like a 2 hours or so then grind challenges and perform WL for an hour and then repeat the procedure Mut 23 coins, you'll get excellent grades and find a way to have a fantastic team. Working hard is the key to success, on and off the gridiron.

Depends upon how much you plan to play. I also worked a part time job and was a freshman at a JuCo this year. Weekend League wasnt a real potential for me personally although I could keep up with some battles that are solo and solos, but it wasnt a priority for me personally so take that into account. Yes, just keep on top of college work and you're going to be fine. Contrary to what most believe, you end up using a lots and lots of spare time in school.

In general you will probably have more free time than you know what to do with once you are actually on campus. I had buddies that gamed 6hours per day and graduated with 4.0 GPAs in mad hard majors, and friends that did exactly the same and flunked out after a single year. My gaming and GPA summit was when I was working 25+ hours/week and carrying 20 credit hours my senior year. Its about figuring out all.

But because you are only taking online courses, you'll DEFINITELY have more free time than you understand what to do with and you should be careful if you are at all the procrastinating type. Most 100-level online classes require about 20 minutes of consideration 3 times a week to get an A and I'd bet they're the most commonly failed faculty classes (I failed 3 and just about everyone I understood failed at least 1). You miss a quiz here, a discussion post there and you will need a 90 percent on a final to get a Latin American research class you've devoted literally zero mind power to madden 23 coins cheap. Do not fall in the trap!