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#1234 areth Rees. Wheelchair basketball pioneer Tim Frion and a silver medallist at the 1988 world championships. She was also the first female skater in Canada to successfully land a triple-double combination jump in competition and in 88 received the Order of Canada. But Manleys biggest battle came off the ice with severe depression. She has made her fight public hoping it can help others deal with mental illness. "My passion today is working with mental illness and working with teens and youth because I was a teen who struggled and I didnt have that availability to embrace the help that was available for me," she said. "There were years and years of people giving to Elizabeth Manley and I feel now standing here its my turn to give back and thats what Im really about." Rees, a 46-year-old native of Duncan, B.C., was one of the most accomplished rugby players Canada has ever produced. Hes the only man to have represented his country —starting every game — in four straight Rugby World Cups (1987, 91, 95, and 99) and remains among the top-10 in all-time tournament scoring. And until recently, Rees was the Canadian teams all-time leading scorer. Twice he served as Canadas captain at the Rugby World Cup (95, 99) and played professionally for 10 years, winning scoring titles in France, Wales and England. But ever the team player, Rees deflected the praise for his induction to the other players he shared the field with. "This says a lot about my teammates, the things we achieved on the world stage and were able to show the world game what Canadians are all about," he said. "We learned playing rugby here in Canada and were able to take that on the international stage and do well. "Obviously, as a game rugby is getting more recognition in Canada and thats great. I think the values of the game are still as true now as when I started playing and the access boys and girls have to play it is very important. And sevens rugby being in the Olympics has changed all that and its great to see." And although rugby is now an Olympic sport, Rees doesnt long for the opportunity to turn back time and become an Olympian. "I feel Im pretty lucky about the time I played," Rees said. "It wasnt pro when I started, I got my education and then I turned pro and had some good years in Europe so I dont think Id change it. "Sevens is a pretty tough go. I dont know if Id make some of the teams now." Wholesale MLB Orioles Jerseys Red Sox Jerseys From China Discount Yankees Jerseys Online Rays Jerseys For Sale Blue Jays Jerseys From China [url=http://www.whitesox