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#1032 Hi,

I've a couple of mkv movies on disk which are served by serviio.I've configured serviio to use "Online Metadata" and download DVD Covers / Posters. This works pretty well as I can see the correct DVD Covers when I connect to the serviio server by a client like a TV or Kodi from a computer.Furthermore, serviio is able to find out the correct genre or movie creation year.I didn't find out though how to configure serviio to show movie descriptions or a short summary.Is there a way to configure serviio so that it also downloads from internet and shows corresponding movie information like a movie summary?Is there a way to configure serviio so that it extracts movie information from mkv (matroska) tags, e.g. the tag "SUMMARY" or "Description"? -- some of my movies contain movie information there which is apparently not used by serviio.My clients are mostly kodi or sometimes Samsung TVs if this matters.

Please help.

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